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Information On Trike Bike Rack

Many people are accustomed to traditional vehicle bicycle racks, as they can be spotted on automobiles as they are traveling down the road. The most common type of bicycle racks will hook to the vehicle in one of three ways: on top of the vehicle, strapped onto the back of the vehicle or via the trailer hitch that is attached to the back of the vehicle. While preferences on the type of bicycle rack that is used is often determined by a variety of factors, many people will find themselves in the market for a trike bike rack.

A trike bike rack is mounted via the hitch on the back of the vehicle and can be purchased in a variety of styles. Some styles are better suited for larger vehicles, such as a sports utility vehicle, while other styles easily accommodate a smaller sedan. It should be determined in advance if a rack will fit a specific vehicle before purchasing it. A trike bike rack has the capability of holding a much wider bicycle, such as a three wheel bike. It can often be adjusted to accommodate small motorized scooters or wheelchairs for those who do not have room in the vehicle itself for one of these objects.

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