How to Buy Practically Anything

About the Head of the League

My name is Robert D. Koeing, and I am the editor and creator of the RDK League. If you’re reading this, you’re a member of The League.

Dianne, who I mentioned on the home page, did eventually marry me. Now we have a son and two daughters; I’m a partner in an architectural firm and Dianne runs a catering business from home.

Shopping advice may seem a little odd coming from an architect and father of three, but my son is going off to college this fall and I realized he’s almost as unprepared as I was (the boy’s always out on the baseball field, it’s not for Dianne’s lack of trying).

So I realized something: there have got to be many young men without the skills to shop for themselves who will be living on their own soon. And I thought of how vast a teaching tool the internet is, and how useful it would be to have a site where young men could learn to shop for themselves, with all kinds of relevant information about buying the things they need.

To keep it relevant and interesting, the blog section will feature many articles from many people, posted under my name for the sake of convenience, with the consent of the authors of course. Everyone knows the ins and outs of buying different things, and I want to give my readers the benefit of experts in buying whatever they could possibly be in the market for. I mean for this site to be your ultimate comprehensive guide.