How to Buy Practically Anything


Yes, this is important. Whether you like it or not, buying clothes for yourself is as much a part of a man’s life as it is part of your girlfriend’s life. When you have a girlfriend, this will get easier. In the meantime you are going to have to do this yourself.

Black and White: You need to stick to these colors when buying anything new because anyone can wear them. Besides it’s classy, and ladies love class. You don’t want to be the jerkwad who shows up to the presentation for your business marketing class in a fuchsia button-up dress shirt and mint-colored tie. Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy. Again, once you get a girlfriend, you can let her help you pick out some colors.

Inspect the Items: Make sure when you buy any item of clothing that there are no obvious stains, tears, or other weird imperfections in the item you’re about to part with your money for. Before you wear it out in public in front of your girl, potential future girls, or anyone else who may be judging you, check older clothes over for the same issues. Once you wear something with a stain or tear, it immediately becomes the most noticeable thing about the item. Modern science cannot explain it. So look the item over carefully, like it’s Jennifer Lawrence.

Toiletries: There are things you absolutely need in this category. Here is an essential list for every man; buy them in bulk when possible:
• Hand soap: You have to keep the bathroom stocked with this. Girls will get seriously grossed out if you don’t have this for them. You should have it for yourself anyway.
• Soap or shower gel: You need to be clean, so find one you like and use it religiously.
• Shaving cream: Keep yourself clean cut and groomed.
• Aftershave or cologne: You need to smell nice for your girl.